What kinda of paysite is Helix Studios ? – Is it worth it ?

Helix Studios is one of the biggest and most well-known studios/sites for gorgeous young twinks and jocks appearing in hardcore action. It’s a dynamite site with plenty of explosive sex going on as these young guys fuck bareback, and with condoms. They have been going since 2002, and as they update all the time, they now have amassed an amazing 2,789 scenes that can be downloaded and streamed and on most mobile devices.

The focus here is on smooth twinks with slender swimmer’s bodies and jocks with big cocks. All the guys are smooth, and some have very well-defined bodies. They range from being barely legal (in some states they are) to guys in their early twenties. If you are looking for older guys or hairy guys, then this isn’t the site for you. Unless you are taking a trip down memory lane that is, and want to remember when you were young hung and overflowing with boy cum.

Most of the action is duo or threesome, and there are some cum filled orgies as these young guys suck cock, finger and lick tasty assholes, and then fuck until they either fill an asshole up with fresh cum or it goes all over their faces and bodies. If you like something with a twist of fetish, then they also have scenes with spanking, bondage and roleplay for you to jerk off to.

A lot of the models are just starting out in gay porn, and some are getting themselves a good name. Such rising stars include Colton James, Sean Ford, Blake Mitchell (and his huge fat cock), and Joey Mills who can take any size of dick in his mouth and ass, and sometimes both at the same time.

As well as all these HD scenes to keep your hands busy, they also have over 2,280 photo sets that are downloadable in zip files.

The site is easy on the eye. How can it not be with all these naked young men in hot and horny action staring you in the face? It is also easy to navigate.

Helix Studios is the place to be for twinks and jocks as they get away from home for the first time. They want to experiment with their own bodies in cock jerking solos, and they love to play with other guys, and they don’t care where they do it. They have a cock that needs servicing, and there are plenty of smooth young butts to pound them into. The close-up scenes will make you salivate, and if you are wearing pants as you watch these, they will certainly need a good wash afterwards.

The Price Of The Gay Twink Paysite

You can go for a three-day trial at $4.95 (recurring at $34,95 every 30 days) or monthly at $34.95 (recurring every 30 days). Quarterly membership costs $79.95 recurring every 90 days, and there’s a yearly one at $249.95 recurring.
For the cutest jocks and slender twinks, Helix Studios is the place to cum to every time, and as they update three times a week, you will never run out of gay twink porn movies to enjoy.…

Joey Mills and Blake Mitchell at Helix Studios

‘Joey and Blake together,’ may make you think differently about work. This gay teen porn stars Joey Mills, and the sun-kissed Latin stud, Blake Mitchell, and it has been released by ‘Twinks,’ and filmed by, Helix Studios.

The Helix Studios Models

Joey MillsJoey Mills is a hot young guy from Brazil. He is a handsome guy with high cheekbones, scruff around his face, and he has a well-toned body with a few tattoos. Joey is five feet six inches tall, has brown hair, sexy brown eyes, and he is a versatile bottom with a seven-inch uncut cock.
Joey has only been in four hardcore gay porn vids for Helix Studios so far, and in his first movie for them, he gets his cute butt drilled hard by Evan Parker in ‘ Tackle the Gay Twink from Helix Studios.’ – watch all of Joey Mills videos at GayTwinkTube.xxx
Blake MitchellBlake Mitchell is a chunky hunky Latin guy with a sun-kissed toned body and plenty of muscle. He has a strong jawline, and amazing good looks. Blake is a six-foot God walking amongst us mere mortals, and he has a chiselled body, brown hair, seductive green eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch uncut cock.
He has starred in six gay porn movies for Helix, and in his last movie, ‘Consulting Cock Part 1’ he gets his Brazilian ass fucked deep by Blake Mitchell. Preview all of his videos here.

The hardcore version of gay teen sex

Joey Mills and Blake Mitchell are two hot looking stars from the gay teen paysite Helix Studios, and they so happen to work in the same office together. Blake is pretty new to the staff and thinks everyone is gorgeous. He looks stunning his suit as those pants wrap around his ass like a second skin, and Joey notices the same thing when Blake gets up to go for a drink of water. Joey follows him into the other part of the office, and as he bends over the water fountain, Blake slides his hand all over Joey’s firm ass. What they don’t know, however, is that a security guard is getting horny as he watches them on his CCTV camera.
Without releasing that they are being watched by security, and by Ken, the young office boy, Joey and Blake get passionate with their kissing, and Blake rubs Joey’s ass in one hand, and rubs his cock through his suit pants with the other.

Joey gets down on his knees in front of Blake, and after he sucks on Blake’s cock through his pants, he opens them up to find out that Blake has no underpants on. His thick juicy cock points directly at Joey’s mouth, so he opens up his lips, and sucks on it all the way to its thick base.

As Joey sucks on that Latin cock, he opens up his pants and strokes his own cock at the same time.

With his cock now out of his pants, Blake sits Joey down and soon has him in a wonder of lust as he goes down on his cock, and sucks it down to the balls.

Blake sits down on another chair, and with this suit jacket off, Joey climbs up onto Blake’s knees, turns around, and as his hands rest on the floor, his ass is pointed directly up into Blake’s face. Blake holds onto Joey’s waist, and he soon has Joey’s ass wiggling around as he probes deeper and deeper into that asshole with his penetrating tongue.

Getting naked, except for their socks, Joey climbs onto a table, and, with his head down, his back arched, he offers up his asshole to Blake. Blake stands right behind him, and as he rams his cock into that tight hole, they don’t realise that their boss is now also watching them on a CCTV.

Blake fucks that ass doggy style for a while, and then as he sits down, Joey Mills sits on his cock and rides it. He strokes his cock as he gets drilled, and his cum shoots out and lands on the floor below him.

Blake Mitchell jerks on his cock, and after Joey has sucked on it a bit more, he cums over Joey’s sweet young face, and Joey cleans up Blake’s cock and Brazilian nuts in his mouth.

Joey and Blake together will make you change the way you think about work forever. It will get you hot as you feast your eyes on these stunning Latinos in and out of their suits, and you will want to jerk off as they fuck and suck. Just don’t do this in the office, unless you want to get caught that is, but that’s for another fantasy from Helix Studios altogether. Watch all of Helix Studio videos here